B (manipulant) wrote,

so, like. while I do love my LJ and everything, I'm just not USING it much anymore. It's pretty much just a place for me to put fic/read fic (other than AO3).

I don't really have any bandom thoughts. Today I was offered a job at Argo Tea, and I've taken it. I start on Monday. The other place...eh. It was a new restaurant in a weird location that was still being torn apart and put back together when I went there for the interview, and it's been 2 weeks since the interview and the place was supposed to OPEN this week and I haven't heard from the owner. So. ...Glad to have a corporate job again. \o/

Anyway. these days I'm mostly on tumblr (manipulant) and twitter (laurabeesayshey). and facebook. I mean...if y'all WANT to friend me on facebook, I'm cool with that, I'll give you my link, but my fandom shit is on the DL there.

Also boy howdy am I getting into some Avengers.
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