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Into the Woods Master Post

Into The Woods
written for Bandom Big Bang 2010

Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer (minor Frank/Gerard)
Word Count: ~110,000
Rating: R, for violence, language, thematic elements, and sex
Warnings: This fic contains two pretty upsetting offscreen character deaths, temporary blindness in one character, temporary loss of control over one's legs in another character, what reads as suicide for one character, and quite a few broken bones. Also a few magical, mean creatures get killed in pretty gross ways.

"Yeah," Brendon groans, grabbing onto Spencer's arm to help haul himself back into standing up straight. "Damn it."

"Can't even blame it on Red Bull," Spencer sighs, rubbing his back lightly. Brendon shivers a little at the completely alien feeling of Spencer's hand running over his bound ribs, and unconsciously leans back into his touch.

"I'll blame it on your yodeling pants," Brendon decides. "And my fucking apron, what the fuck," he grouses, looking down at himself again, actually inspecting the ruffles and pink. "You never had to deal with a fucking apron." He scowls, and shoves his hands into the pockets on the front of the offending apron. "Oh, what - "

"Hmm?" Spencer's not really paying attention, he's busy inspecting the grove of trees in which they've found themselves, and the bag that's leaning against one treetrunk. "Hey, I think this is mine," he says, pleased, as he turns to face Brendon again.

"Spence," Brendon says, and whatever's in his eyes and voice makes Spencer move, back to his side, in a couple of seconds. Brendon bites his lip and lets the handful of breadcrumbs he got from his pocket fall to the forest floor. He glances over his own shoulder, and then over Spencer's, and exhales raggedly when he sees birds pecking along the clearing.

"Oh," Spencer breathes next to him, turning his head to see the birds and the remains of the breadcrumb trail as well. "Well." He thinks for a minute. "At least in this one, we don't have to marry each other?"

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content can be found here. Thanks x infinity to _afterism, saint_vee, and cunningplan for their hard work and amazing talent in producing the art and mix for this story. I really can't flail enough about the awesomeness of it - the pictures and mix fit perfectly, and make the story better, and I am undeserving but grateful. ♥

Super awesome bonus bonus secret ITW art post all done by look_alive. (Seriously you guys should check this out. She's crazy talented.)

Lastly - this story was born of a conversation with reni_days months ago. She deserves all of the credit for making this at all readable, as in the five months it took me to write this, she was the best cheerleader, beta, wrangler, and word war foe a girl could hope for. So hey, um, thanks, bb. This is because of you, so I guess it's only fitting that it's for you, too. ♥

Prologue | One | Two | Three A | Three B | Four/Five A | Four/Five B | Six A | Six B | Seven A | Seven B | Eight | Nine A | Nine B | Nine C | Ten and Epilogue
Tags: bbb, fic, fic pairing: spencer/brendon, into the woods
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