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Fics and stuff, by manipulant
Bandom daily drabble journal: beforeorsince
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I guess it's about time for my quarterly LJ update?

Chicago is so fucking hot this summer, oh my god, hot and still and sticky. I didn't get to go to Pride because the Red Line was packed (but I did see a group of fat and beautiful dykes ululate and shove their way onto an already-full car, which sort of made up for things), and I've been working a hell of a lot and have moved into a 2-bedroom with a girl who works at 3 different bars and has gotten me a gig at Lolla. Gonna be a beer wench.

Today I told a migrant worker the easiest way to get from Merch Mart to 95th. On my birthday two weekends ago, I was outside the mart smoking with the other cafe-monkeys and wannabe proles from the ad agencies upstairs and along comes a Good Humor truck at 6 in the evening in the middle of downtown Chicago, and suddenly there's ice cream being tossed to us.

I saw TDKR and was a little upset that you can tell it's shot in another city altogether. It's only 6 months in, but this city remains fucking magic. The shine of the glass, and the occasional breeze, and the scrub of North Ave at 3:35 in the morning when I'm hurrying to catch the first 72 to Sedgwick. The way my next-door neighbors (a 3-generation PR family) smile at me and have graduated from hi to hola when I get home in the evenings. Hurrying towards buses, bridges, restaurants, coffeeshops, parks, street art, trains, taxis, 4 am bars, and patches of shade.

I have a plus card pass for the CTA, a local bank account, a permanent address in Humboldt Park. I have the RedEye app on my phone. I have kind of a midwest accent when I don't catch myself. I bitch with coworkers about my company being a front for the mob. Rahm Emanuel is my fucking mayor. I'm a Chicagoan.

Duck Pond

so, like. Remember that one time back in January there was that Secret!Married bandom fest? And remember how reni_days prompted Spencer/Brendon getting married so B can have insurance? /o\

well, anyway. I updated the fic today, and put it on AO3, for downloading-to-e-reader convenience and whathaveyou. So have some links, if you want 'em:

In Sickness, Health, and in the Duck Pond at Humboldt Park (AO3)
Latest Installment (LJ)
so, like. while I do love my LJ and everything, I'm just not USING it much anymore. It's pretty much just a place for me to put fic/read fic (other than AO3).

I don't really have any bandom thoughts. Today I was offered a job at Argo Tea, and I've taken it. I start on Monday. The other place...eh. It was a new restaurant in a weird location that was still being torn apart and put back together when I went there for the interview, and it's been 2 weeks since the interview and the place was supposed to OPEN this week and I haven't heard from the owner. So. ...Glad to have a corporate job again. \o/

Anyway. these days I'm mostly on tumblr (manipulant) and twitter (laurabeesayshey). and facebook. I mean...if y'all WANT to friend me on facebook, I'm cool with that, I'll give you my link, but my fandom shit is on the DL there.

Also boy howdy am I getting into some Avengers.

UMDB fanmixes

Sup bros! Okay, I'm getting ready to throw some free music at you, but I sort of have to explain myself first.

So there's this Glee fic I've been following since the beginning of November, and it is just...guys, I can't even put it into words. The English language fails me. Until My Dying Breath, by emilianadarling - Kurt/Blaine, WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP, NC-17, VAMPIRE FIC. Dudes, it's just fucking amazing, all tight storytelling and realism in the face of terror and monsters and New York in the fall and just. just ugh. You just need to fucking read it and be destroyed so that I can have company.

Anyway, that said, I sort of...went crazy and made a Spotify playlist for it that got COMPLETELY out of hand, and then I sheepishly asked the author if she'd like to have a hard copy, and she said yes, and then it became a thing, and then she wrote three more chapters and my playlist got EVEN MORE OUT OF HAND so I had to do a part TWO and now 70 tracks later I am ashamed of myself.

So...yeah. That's my story. Here, have some music. (IT'S NOT AN ESPECIALLY HAPPY FANMIX. VAMPIRES AND ALL. JUST THOUGHT I'D MENTION.)

Fanmix for UMDB, Parts 1 and 2 and tracklistsCollapse )
Because every now and then, you just need some explosions and Ron Burgundy. And if you don't, the terrorists have won.

I am a terrible, terrible person.Collapse )

re: this Black March thing

I was going to make a snarky poll but decided against it (I can only be that much of an asshole on Twitter, I guess). Basically what I want to say boils down to:

The CEO of BMI will still get his, bros. You know who won't? Booksellers at B&N/cashiers at FYE/ushers at Carmike who're making minimum + .25 an hour. They're gonna get their hours cut when/if sales drop off.

So here is some information you may or may not find useful:

1. musicians get more money from merch/tour sales than they do from CD sales.
2. movie theaters make their money from concessions sales. Ticket money goes back to the studios. The theater I used to work at turned a completely blind eye to the huge groups of kids who'd spend an entire Saturday movie-hopping, because they'd buy candy and popcorn.
3. CHAIN BOOKSTORES ALWAYS HAVE BARGAIN SECTIONS. The profits from this section are pretty much ALL for the store itself and none of it goes back to a publishing company, ESPECIALLY if the bargain books are published by the store! (See: all those "classics" B&N put out.)
4. Used bookstores don't pay publishing companies. They do, however, have to pay rent.
5. Local bands can always use another five bucks for gas money or new pedals. Or they can always use another beer.
Listen, I need you all to do yourselves a favor and read this which is a fill that *cough* somebody wrote for a prompt I left at the Secret!Married fest.

Subtle, Bro - Brendon/Spencer/Ryan, NC-17, Brendon and Spencer have been married for two years and Ryan is their put-upon roommate who knows way too much about their sexytimes habits.

I love it because it's fun and FUNNY, OMG (seriously I need Ryan Ross as a narrator for my life, I would be so much happier), and fuckin' HOT and they are ridiculous boys with ridiculous faces.

Have a poem:

What Teachers Make
Taylor Mali

if I don't do this now i'm gonna forget

Title: Watch Them Busting Out
Author: me! manipulant
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: NC-17
Warning: D/s undertones, sort of rough play
Word Count: 1700
Summary: Spencer finds out that Brendon's nipples are wired straight to his dick. Oh exploitable.
Notes: hermette and pennyplainknits wanted porn about Brendon's neck. And nipples. Who was I to pass that reasonable demand right on by? (this is shameless porn.) Thankyou to look_alive for looking this over for me! (title comes from Be Your Bro, by Those Darlins.)

'God, look at you,' he breathes.Collapse )

America's Next Top Band Member

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS. look_alive AND I ARE TERRIBLE INFLUENCES ON EACH OTHER. ALSO THIS IS THE CRUDEST TYPE OF NOT!FIC. Also I laughed until I cried, during the 24 hours we spent tagging each other on her journal doing this shit.

Title: I Was Hiding Under Your Porch (Because I Love You)
Perpetrators: manipulant and look_alive
Characters/Pairings: Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Travie McCoy, William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, unresolved/unrequited Pete/Patrick
Warnings: not!fic, ridiculousness, cartoon violence, Tyra Banks, painted dicks, facial piercings, torturous levels of Dashboard Confessional
Summary: Tyra Banks & Co have the wonderful/terrible idea of starting an ANTM season with just bandboys as contestants. ...This works out really well.

Two words: BODY. GLITTER.Collapse )