B (manipulant) wrote,

re: this Black March thing

I was going to make a snarky poll but decided against it (I can only be that much of an asshole on Twitter, I guess). Basically what I want to say boils down to:

The CEO of BMI will still get his, bros. You know who won't? Booksellers at B&N/cashiers at FYE/ushers at Carmike who're making minimum + .25 an hour. They're gonna get their hours cut when/if sales drop off.

So here is some information you may or may not find useful:

1. musicians get more money from merch/tour sales than they do from CD sales.
2. movie theaters make their money from concessions sales. Ticket money goes back to the studios. The theater I used to work at turned a completely blind eye to the huge groups of kids who'd spend an entire Saturday movie-hopping, because they'd buy candy and popcorn.
3. CHAIN BOOKSTORES ALWAYS HAVE BARGAIN SECTIONS. The profits from this section are pretty much ALL for the store itself and none of it goes back to a publishing company, ESPECIALLY if the bargain books are published by the store! (See: all those "classics" B&N put out.)
4. Used bookstores don't pay publishing companies. They do, however, have to pay rent.
5. Local bands can always use another five bucks for gas money or new pedals. Or they can always use another beer.
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